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Book of the Pure Sons


There is a great God, but his power is not infinite. He started by creating his great children. They were near gods in their own right, but took too much energy to create, so he decided to work n a smaller scale. He created the universe, and in the universe, beautiful celestial bodies. But out of all the bodies of mass, he only chose a few to breath life into. In surrounding these living planets with non-life, He knew they would feel special, as they were. And by keeping them far apart, they would not become jealous, for they would all become his lovers. And on these lively planets did he produce an abundance of infinitesimal beings. Despite how tiny, how infinitesimal, how little power they had in comparison to him, he still loved them, even almost more than his pure children, for he saw great potential in them—great potential for beauty and for wisdom. So much potential for love in every individual one, and so much potential for power in their masses. Though, with every positive, they had a negative. For every potential for greatness, potential for disappointment; and for every strength, a weakness. They were ignorant and spiteful, greedy and vein.

Soon their innocence drained from their hearts, and was replaced with corruption. However, the great Creator’s immense love for them was only matched by his hope and patience. And so he sent his pure children to his lovers, to help his small children—to correct them and show them the way. And so it was that a pure child descended to a lively planet in a concentrated form, resembling the most advanced of the creatures on the planet—the ones that most resembled God and was therefore the ones He so greatly loved. The most powerful of Pure Sons descended to the most disturbed of planets, and so on and so on as the great Lord saw fit.

written by A.C. Flanagan ©2009

posted: 8/8/09